I have been trained in the fields of Chinese studies and the study of religions, and I spent almost four years in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, where I did archive work but also lived in Buddhist monasteries, and interviewed religious communities.

I aim to provide an interpretation of China through the study of local religious practices.

My interdisciplinary research explores different levels and forms of engagement between religion – especially Buddhism – and modernity in Chinese social contexts, the intervention of politics into the religious sphere, the presence of mediated religions and religious media including cyber-Buddhist activities.

I ask questions like: How do Chinese religions participate in the current debate on secularism, modernity, diversity and pluralism, and social sustainability? How is modern China re-interpreting and adapting ancient scriptures, doctrines, and rituals in light of contemporary ideologies?

I also address theoretical and methodological issues in the study of religions; one of my current research projects aims to develop a new set of analytical concepts that can be applied specifically to the study of religion in modern China.

You can read more about my work in the following pages:

  1. Buddhist Women & Female Buddhism
  2. Buddhism in Taiwan/Taiwanese Buddhism
  3. Madhyamaka in modern China
  4. Mediascape of Religion
  5. Buddhist Networks of Education in Chinese History
  6. Religious Diversity and Sustainable China.